Rosenkavalier Premiere at Bremerhaven theatre

On 4 May 2024, the comedy for music "Der Rosenkavalier" by Richard Strauss based on a libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal will premiere at the Stadttheater Bremerhaven. Marc Niemann will be the musical director and Julius Theodor Semmelmann will direct.
Strauss and Hofmannsthal created this work in 1911, which contains so many allusions to already existing stage works, most obviously the proximity to Mozart's opera buffa "le nozze di Figaro", that it could almost be considered a historical outline of theatre history. However, it is often overlooked that neither the supposedly historically authentic language nor the frequently quoted waltz existed during Maria Theresa's reign. While this has given rise to criticism that "Der Rosenkavalier" is too close to operetta, scenes such as the presentation of the silver rose, the Marschallin's time monologue and the famous final sonnet are among the most impressive operatic scenes in literature.

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