Sinfonie Nr.5 by Anton Bruckner at the end of the concert season

Marc Niemann will conduct Anton Bruckner's Symphony No. 5 in B flat major on 17/18 and 19 June at the end of the season, thus making a contribution to the Bruckner Year on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the great Austrian composer's birth. In Bruckner's oeuvre, this monumental work marks the full development of his individual tonal language and impresses with the perfect balance between form and content.

Bruckner was never able to hear the work, which he described as his ‘Fantastic’, in concert, as he was unable to attend the premiere in 1894 for health reasons.

Alongside this glorified masterpiece is the ‘Symphonic Epilogue’ by the Czech composer Hans (Hanuš) Winterberg (1901-1991), who was born as the son of a rabbi in Prague and survived the horrors of the Holocaust in Theresienstadt. After the war, he emigrated to the young Federal Republic of Germany and developed his musical language, which he himself said was ‘originally based on Arnold Schoenberg, but finally found a way of polyrhythmic and polytonal character’.

His work was not accessible to the public until recently and is now being celebrated as a discovery in many places. The Symphonic Epilogue will be performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra Bremerhaven for the second time since its premiere in 1952.

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